Welcome to Nya!Fansub’s New site! 

On behalf of the Nya!Posse, I would like to welcome you to our new location.
This is a…
…where all projects are completed by the NYA! Staff on their free time.

            Please, do not abuse our work by selling it to others on Ebay, or any other site. And, especially, please be understanding and do not bug us to work like lightning, ne? Trust me– if only we could…
Remember, the keyword is “FREE”.

            Anyhoo~ Have at it and browse our forums, leave comments, feedback or suggestions, and download any projects you may find interesting to you! Lastly, remember to play nice with others. We would like to keep this a healthy, pleasant environment; any evil-doers will be dealt with. So, enjoy~! ^^

Nya!Co-Founder, Translator