Since October of 2005, Nya!Fansubs was ran by three individuals, Nya!Founders: BlueEyedWolf, MeiohSetsuna, and Himeko Himura. These three oversaw all projects, and is the core group of Nya!Fansubs. Their friends make up the rest of the Nya!Posse; they help out with mainly the timing and editing of videos, and also the upkeep of this site. Recruiting is strictly within the trio’s mutual friends– usually, those that are known personally by a Nya!Founder are allowed to join.

Name: BlueEyedWolf
Color: Blue
Position: Translator, Editor, Timer, Karaoke, Typesetter, Titles, Encoder, QC
About: The Anego of the posse. Keeping the Nya!Loving strong and alive!!
How entered Nya!: Hime suggested I translate Hana Yori Dango. I brushed her off thinking she was out of her mind. The two of them then got into a deep conversation over the whole subbing world. I was a bit hesitant at first, but it got me thinking, “what the heck, how hard could translating a drama be?” and gave it a try later on at home. After doing the whole transcription and translation bit, I gave Setsuna a call the next day and told her what I had done. She screamed in my ear telling me to send her the script at once! I sent it off and told her that we needed to grab Hime as well. Since they both had classes together, and I only saw Hime once a week if lucky, I set Setsuna on a mission to hunt down the third kitty to fulfill and balance our triangle. After Setsuna pounced on Hime, the rest is history ne?;>
Anything Else?: If it weren’t the love for Hanadan, and nyaness of the other two kitties, I would have never agreed to being a part of any of this.

Name: MeiohSetsuna
Color: Purple
Position: Editor, Timer, Typesetting, Encoder, QC
About: The kitty in the middle who decided to physically leave the group just to live in Japan. Proud lover of KAT-TUN, Arashi, Kanjani8, YamaP, and many other sexy Jboys
How entered Nya!: Blue and Hime were talking about subbing when the buzz was all about the Jdorama debut one of our fav stories, HanDan. I went away for the weekend that it was released, and made a phone call to Blue while I was away. She had jumped into the translating thing already! Shocked little me told her to send it my way, I’d start timing and editing. A few days later I met up with Hime in our class together and told her the news: we were a new official team! She was as in much shock as I was, but we banded together and pulled all sorts of magic feats overnight. We released our first episode that week. All in all, Nya! was put together in the span of a few days. We briefly talked of disbanding after HanaDan for maybe 5 minutes, but decided to keep going. And here we are!
Anything Else?: Instead of paying attention to our lecture, Hime and I debated over a name for our group without Blue. Then Hime and I meowed at each other. (We do this alot IRL) That was the end of that! Even tho Blue is a wolf, she had no choice but to agree. So we’re the cat’s meow — in Japanese! And you better believe it!

Name: Himeko Himura
Color: Green
Position: Timer, Karaoke Master, Typesetting, Encoder, QC
About: Obsessed Johnny’s Fan and Yaoi Queen. Owner of Tackey, Subaru, and Tegoshi.
How entered Nya!: Originally pitched the idea to Blue, thinking that it’d be great to sub Hana Yori Dango. Got pounced on by Meioh a few days later saying that Blue had jumped up and ran with the idea. After that, the rest is history.
Anything Else?: I guess that’s all really.