The Nya!Posse

       These are the people who make Nya!Fansubs possible.

BlueEyedWolf – Team Leader
Meioh Setsuna – Limited Initial Seeder when needed

Name: Mydnyght Lynx
Color: Green
Position:  Timer, Editor
About: I’m a down to earth type of person and try to be as honest as possible. I like to hang with friends and working on new projects. My strengths are keeping my friends and family down on earth when reality hits us. My weakness… you will never know..
Joining Nya!: BlueEyed Wolf needed some help on earlier projects with timing and edits. I didn’t want her to stress alone.. So I jumped in the boat!!
Anything else?: Timing and Edits are so much fun!!! Just a word of advice… do not.. I mean DO NOT slack! or you will forget how to do your job in the crew! *sighs*

Name: Michibi_batsu
Color: Pink
Position: Webmaster, Artist/Graphic Designer (&Occasional Grammar Nazi, jk)
About: I love making art, playing video games, & cosplay for fun– especially with friends! My strength is my creativity & trying to [/help others] come up with original ideas.
Joining Nya!: Basically, Blue suggested I should hop on the Nya!train since I told them that I’m “okay” at computer stuff (html/css) & making things pretty. Yeah– That’s pretty much it, haha..
Anything else?: uhh… I’m just trying to re-learn HTML to make our Head-Quarters pleasing, while also trying to work around CSS– DAMN YOU WORDPRESS & YOUR PREMIUM BS!! *shakes fist in the air*

Name: Raikirin
Color: Red
Position: Timer
About:The outgoing supporter of the legendary Nya! Posse who loves animals and enjoys playing sports with yaoi pleasures on the side.
Joining Nya!: One day, BlueEyedWolf mentioned wanting to sub vids again and invited me to join in as the Titles Timer. I instantly accepted her offer and through her guidance I time those titles in a flash. ^^
Anything else?: Hmm…that is all for me. *thumbs up

Name: SacredCultivator
Color: Black
Position: Encoder
About: Been fansubbing for too long, 11 years too long.
Joining Nya!: Not even sure how I ended up here.
Anything else?:

Name: VladSpike
Color: Black
Position:  Editor, Translator
About: Is BlueEyedWolf’s real life bro
Joining Nya!: Was hooked and reeled in by Blue
Anything else?: Blue owns his soul for eternity~ XD